“The video spoofs were terrific!! The handout booklet is great!! I loved that you didn’t just read bullet points on slides for 8 hours!”

“The creative elements (videos & skits) make for very lively CPE and helps break up the materials. Also, the trivia is always fun!”

“Thanks for making learning easy. I always learn something new in your classes.”

“Love the entertainment! Making CPE entertaining- PRICELESS and I am a tax professional.”

“In the increasingly complex world of accounting & auditing, this seminar provides a road map. Changes, challenges and pitfalls are identified and put in perspective.”

“Jeff has continued to blend humor, videos, and relevant information into a lively seminar.

“Dancing with the SSARS” was hilarious!”

“Unique approach of presentation – education plus entertainment.

“Jeff Sailor makes CPE fun! We look forward to the seminar all summer.”

“I enjoyed the video clips and how Jeff kept us all awake!”

“Upbeat energetic presentation!!! The material is much more understandable and memorable when presented in the funny, slightly goofy and simplistic skits. What a great way to present material that is sometimes heavy!”

“This is my 4th year and if I have to get CPE hours, this is the one I look for!

“The presentation was great! Jeff keeps you awake and interested. I highly recommend this seminar!”

“Jeff’s humor keeps things moving and interesting. We come every year -- there are six from our firm. Good food, too!”

“I really like Jeff’s ability to cover the ‘dry’ information with humor. This is my 10th year!"

“Jeff has a wealth of information and I have never seen him stumped.”

“I’ve always enjoyed Jeff’s seminars. The entertainment is great, and the topics are always covered well and reflect the important subjects. ”

“Keeps me up to date on recent A&A changes. The book provides me with a quick reference guide to
get to the correct pronouncements”

“Always an informative CPE course! You are able to make the information clear, understandable, AND entertaining!”

“It’s a quick overview with good outlines for ‘take home’ guidance. I also like the extra mini breaks throughout the day!”

“Skits are great - loved the ‘Dude Show’! Breaks are appropriately timed, too.”

“I love this seminar because Jeff makes CPE interesting. That is a miracle!”

“Absolute best A&A seminar anyone can attend; informative and entertaining.”

“Presentation was absolutely fabulous! The videos and use of technology really captured my attention. I will definitely attend this seminar in years to come!”

“Jeff’s weird sense of “humor” is a welcome change from the “normal” CPE courses. Learning can be fun.”

“The videos and Jeff’s ability to bring humor into what could be incredibly boring material makes this update something I actually look forward to each year.”

“Jeff keeps me awake--- that’s never been done by any other audit lecturer.”

“Mr. Sailor kept this information interesting and kept all of us alert and involved, FUN! Excellent presentations!”

“The best thing about this course is the instructor. He is a really great person, not to mention a great teacher as well!”

“The videos are always great and reinforce the information in the text.”

“This is my third year attending the course and, hands down, it’s the best most enjoyable way for me to get A&A credits!”

“Thank you for making CPE interesting and fun. The 8 hours went by quickly!”

“Effective education with a corny twist.”

“Whoever said CPAs are boring and don’t know how to have fun obviously has not attended one of Jeff’s Seminars. The video spoofs help make the CPE bearable.”

“The videos were great! It is the most creative presentation of any material that I have ever seen. I’m very, very impressed with the effort and work that went into this.”

“Hands down, this is the BEST VALUE for my continuing education dollar! ”

“I really like Jeff’s videos and his enthusiasm. I appreciate his efforts to keep it interesting. Most CPE instructors just don’t care.”

“Jeff is the most creative accountant I know. His seminars are both entertaining AND informative. ”