Jeff has partnered with Western CPE to present his A&A courses as webcasts. Jeff has written and produced a variety of webcasts that help keep you up-to-date with the latest A&A topics. His webcasts boast the same exciting and professional teaching, graphics, AV presentations and signature video parodies as our Group-Live seminars.  You’ll get the most important information you need in an engaging webcast format.

Jeff has also produced a series of accounting webcasts based on the writings of full-time book and course author Steven M. Bragg, CPA. A sampling of these courses includes sections from the Accountants’ Guidebook and Essentials of Asset Accounting.

Here are some of Jeff’ Sailor’s Webcasts available through Western CPE –

World's Liveliest Accounting Update 2019
World's Liveliest SSARS Update 2019
World's Liveliest Auditing Update 2019
World's Liveliest Industry Accounting Update
Accounting for Leases: Understanding the New Standards
Not-for-Profit Accounting Under the New Standards
Special Purpose Frameworks: The Alternative To GAAP
Not Documented, Not Done
Where Do I Go for Answers?
Preparing For Your Peer Review
The Essentials of Asset Accounting: Property, Plant & Equipment, and Intangibles
The Essentials of Asset Accounting: Receivables, Investments, and Inventory
Accountant's Guidebook: Accounting Procedures
Accountant’s Guidebook: The Role of the Accountant, the Chart of Accounts, and the General Ledger and Trial Balance
Accountant's Guidebook:Accounting Changes and Error Corrections, Closing the Books, and The Financial Statements
Accountant's Guidebook:Management Reports, Cash Receipts Management, Collection Tactics, and Payroll Management